HOBIT offers webservices for use, listed here.
Name WSDL Institute Description
BeThesaurus Ludwig Maximilians Universität München BeThesaurus (Beta Thesaurus) implements a Biological Name and Mark-up Service for user proposed names and identifiers
e2g WSDL Bielefeld University e2g is a web-based tool which aligns genomic sequence to cDNA and EST data sets.
LiMB Ludwig Maximilians Universität München LiMB (Literature Mine Browser) implements a Biological Mark-up Service for protein names
ProThesaurus Ludwig Maximilians Universität München ProThesaurus (Protein Thesaurus) implements a Biological Name and Mark-up Service for protein names and identifiers
MIPS PPI Database WSDL MIPS / GSF Web Service Access for the MIPS MPact protein interacton database
REPuter WSDL Bielefeld University REPuter computes all maximal duplications and reverse, complemented and reverse complemented repeats in a DNA input sequence.
SIMAP WSDL MIPS / GSF Web Service Access for the MIPS SIMAP resource. Contains precalculated FASTA scores for over 450 proteomes
SoapDB WSDL DKFZ Heidelberg Soap access to sequence databases at DKFZ
SoapGO WSDL DKFZ Heidelberg Soap access to GO (Gene Ontology) related methods
SplitsTree WSDL Bielefeld University SplitsTree uses the split decomposition method to analyse and visualize distance data, e.g. data derived from biosequences.
OligoSelection WSDL Free University Berlin To minimize the costs of microarray experiments the number of probes coding a target should be reduced to a minimal subset or design of all possible candidates. The OligoSelection web service offers two approaches to compute such a minimal subset.
Dialign WSDL Bielefeld University DIALIGN is a software program for multiple alignments. While standard alignment methods rely on comparing single residues and imposing gap penalties, DIALIGN constructs pairwise and multiple alignments by comparing whole segments of the sequences.
pknotsRG WSDL Bielefeld University pknotsRG is a tool for folding RNA secondary structures, including the class of simple recursive pseudoknots.
RNAhybrid WSDL Bielefeld University RNAhybrid is a tool for finding the minimum free energy hybridisation of a long and a short RNA. The tool is primarily meant as a means for microRNA target prediction.
RNAfold WSDL Bielefeld University Webservice interface for RNA folding and sequence design using the program RNAfold from the Vienna package
RNAshapes WSDL Bielefeld University RNAshapes offers three powerful RNA analysis tools in one single software package.
  • Computation of a small set of representative structures of different shapes, complete in a well-defined sense.
  • Computation of accumulated shape probabilities.
  • Comparative prediction of consensus structures, as an alternative to the over-expensive Sankoff Algorithm.
ROSE WSDL Bielefeld University Rose implements a new probabilistic model of the evolution of RNA-, DNA-, or protein-like sequences. Logo
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