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While developing or even using Web services there is a large amoung of software you can use. This depends on your programming language, SOAP Implementation and style of the Webservice. Here is a list of useful projects, which are related to web services.
Project Description
Axis SOAP Implementation in Java and C++
gSOAP SOAP Implementation in C++
Apache Jakarta Tomcat Java Servlet Container
SOAP::Lite for Perl SOAP Implementation in Perl
Web services of HOBIT take and return data occouring to a XML schema. Using XML schema (XSD) makes it easy and simple to combine different Web services. Output of one Web service can simply pushed to another one, without performing any convertation. XSD is a specification of the W3C for describing a grammar of a XML document. This is a list of interesting XML schemas (XSD) related to bioinformatics.
XSD Homepage Description
PSI-MI Representation of molecular interaction
BioTypes 1.0 BioSchemas XML type framework for biological data Logo
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